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Migrant Voices (2024)


"Migrant Voices," (2024) is an improvisational music album by Canadian-Israeli guitarist Itamar Erez and Canadian-Iranian percussionist Hamin Honari, is a unique project that blends diverse cultural influences, highlighting the spontaneous interplay between guitar and percussion and illustrating that everyone really can get along if we find our common ground.


“Migrant Voices” is a collaboration representing symbolic acts of defiance against animosity, signaling the possibility of a future based on peaceful coexistence. Itamar and Hamin demonstrate that ordinary people can rise above political conflict and work toward a shared purpose. It’s a project that hopes to empower others to explore similar avenues for grassroots diplomacy and bridge-building.


Apart from the title track 'Migrant Voices'

(I. Erez), the album is based on free improvised sessions recorded at Monarch Studios in Vancouver BC, Dec 2023.


Itamar Erez- nylon string Guitar, Requinto and Bandola.

Hamin Honari- Frame Drums, Daf, Tombak, various cymbals.


Recorded Dec. 11 & 12th 2023 at Monarch Studios Vancouver BC, Canada. Recording engineer: David Sikula, Editing: David Sikula, Itamar Erez.

Mastering: Ross Murray.

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