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HOMMAGE (2010) 



















A unique and personal fusion of Contemporary Jazz,

Middle Eastern, and Flamenco music, with maestro

Omar Faruk Tekbilek as special guest...



"On Hommage, Erez expands his musical horizons, dedicating his compositions to few of his musical inspirations: Brazilian composer and guitarist/pianist Egberto Gismonti; Tunisian oud master Anouar Brahem; Spanish flamenco guitar master Vicente Amigo; and two collaborators, American-Turkish world music multi-instrumentalist Omar Faruk Tekbilek and Gypsy guitarist Lulo Reinhardt...


The dedication to Tekbilek, with Tekbilek himself adding ney flute, is one of the album's most successful tributes. It is so passionate that the beautiful melody simply erupts, through swift changes of solos between Erez (on guitar) and Tekbilek, and the song gains more volume and energy as the other musicians join in. The dedication to Reinhardt is, as expected, a joyful guitar solo from Erez. The most successful dedications are the ones for Amigo and Gismonti.

"Prisoner's Song," after Amigo, with excellent flamenco vocalist Yehuda Sheviky, possesses a virtuosic, muscular melody that vibrates with intense passion and surprising twists. Erez's breezy solo guitar composition, "Belonging," bridges the gap between the steaming articulation of his dedication to Amigo and the sophisticated, multilayered Gismonti tribute, "Hommage." It's clear the Erez has studied Gismonti's repertoire and guitar playing closely, and he's managed to compose a brilliant melody that sounds as if it were coming from the Gismonti school while, at the same time, being different and distinctive."


(All About Jazz/ Eyal Hareuveni)


Itamar Erez: piano, guitar

Yoram Lachish: oboe, english horn

Yorai Oron: acoustic bass

Dani Benedikt: drums

Sholomo Deshet: percussion(3, 4, 6, 9)

Omar faruk Tekbilek: ney flute (3)

Yehuda (Shuky) Sheviky: vocals (7)

Eran Horwitz- bass (7)





Hommage cover.jpg

Choro For Lulo

From "Hommage" CD

Prisoner's Song

From "Hommage" CD

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