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Itamar Erez Quartet

In 2003, Itamar formed his first ensemble- The Adama Ensemble, to explore the commonality of Middle Eastern, World Music and Contemporary Jazz.

Itamar has released 2 CDs with the Adama Ensemble:

"Desert Song" (2006) & "Hommage" (2010). 

The ensemble has performed at the Chutzpah! Festival (Vancouver), 

Red Sea Jazz Festival (Eilat), 100% Jazz Tel Aviv (Paris), and other festivals. Since 2017 he has worked with several local musicians and recorded with his new ensemble his ground breaking CD "Mi Alegria" in 2019.

North American quartet: 

Itamar Erez- guitars & piano

François Houle- clarinet

Jeff Gammon- bass

Kevin Romain- drums

Itamar Erez & The Adama Ensemble discography:

"Desert Song" (2006)

"Hommage" (2010)

"Mi Alegria" (2019) is featuring his new quartet with guest artists.


"Just when you think you have heard everything, someone records something

 that proves you haven't.  That proof comes in the form of a unique CD by

 Itamar Erez and The Adama Ensemble" Upbeat Newsletter

"I really dug your band...great writing...

and you are a fabulous player... congratulations again on the beautiful music!" (John Zorn)

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